Business Travel


As a BCD Travel Partner, one of the leading global TMC’s (Travel Management Companies) we are specialized in organizing business travels. We maintain international standards,also in accordance with internal rules and regulations of each individual client. We take upon ourselves the organization of various business travels for individual travelers, small enterprises, multinational companies, organizations and institutions. Complex endeavors become easy and comfortable with us. We endeavor to enable the traveler to be fully focused on their responsibilities during the trip.

We work together with leading world and regional airlines, hotels, transport and rent a car companies. We assist in congress and event applications as well as in visa obtaining processes. To create a tailor made travel, we use latest technologies which enable us to source and implement best solutions.We manage reservations and travel data with high precision and quality. The effective support that we offer before, during and after the trip involves not only close contact with a members of our team but also advanced techniques and tools for analysis of travel data in order to enhance organization and advance business. Generated travel data are automatically processed in order to provide suitable reports which represent a sound base for our business clients to aid them in broadening their goals and overall management.